Maintenance for Bamboo Flooring

One of the huge benefits of bamboo is its durability. However, similar to wood flooring, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure its quality and longevity. Just like hardwood, bamboo flooring needs to be protected from scratches, dents, stains and warping. Here is a quick guide to assist you in taking the preventative measures needed to keep your bamboo floor looking nice and lasting for many years.


Using doormats and area rugs helps to keep your bamboo flooring nice. Because doormats trap dirt and moisture, they help to keep it off of your floors. Placing area rugs in highly trafficked areas prevents scuffs and scrapes. Inside the house, these rugs and doormats should be colorfast.

Other types of rugs and mats can stain your flooring as dye can bleed through. Rubber bottoms should be avoided, as they may prevent airflow and create scuffs. Pet’s nails should be regularly trimmed to keep them from scratching your floors. Some shoes, like high heals and athletic spikes, should be removed, as they can dent the floors as well.

Bottoms of furniture legs should be covered with floor protectors. Bamboo can fade in direct sunlight, like wood flooring. Using blinds shades direct light and prevents discoloration. Moving your furniture every now and then can ensure that your floor fades evenly.


Manufacturer’s guidelines should always be followed when cleaning your bamboo flooring. Your warranty can be voided if damage is caused by not following these guidelines. Liquid spills should be removed quickly.

Sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and small rocks prior to cleaning your bamboo flooring. Because they have softer surfaces, only dust mops, dry mops, and brooms should be used. To prevent warping, never mop with anything wetter than a damp mop.