It is essential to consider the maintenance of your carpet prior to making your final purchase. Choosing the appropriate type of carpet for the amount of traffic it will receive can help make your life easier. Learn more about carpet types in the carpet types section below.


Carpet should be vacuumed once a week for general maintenance. Walk-off mats at the entrances of your home can prevent the tracking of dirt across your carpet. For trickier messes like liquid spills and gum, there are several techniques you can use to get your carpet clean again.

LIQUID MESSES: The best way to clean a water or liquid spill is with a white rag that is absorbent and completely dry. Dab it on the wet carpet until all of the liquid has been absorbed. Rubbing the spot should be avoided, as this can cause staining and push the moisture into the rug, which can cause mildew and mold.

SPOT CLEANING: When you find an area on your carpet or rug that needs to be cleaned, add a small amount of carpet cleaner to a white rag. Dab the spot from the outside in, as this prevents any spreading of the stain. Continue to blot in a circular motion until the spot is removed. Pour some cold water on the former spot and dab dry with a different, dry white cloth.

GUM: Removing gum isn’t as challenging as you might think. Fill a bag that will not leak with ice. Rub it on the gum until the gum freezes, and then use a spoon to scrape off the gum. Knives should be avoided, as they can damage carpet fibers.

CANDLE WAX: Scraping Candle wax or other semi-solids off with a spoon is best practice for removal. It shouldn’t sit for an extended period of time, but it may need to dry a little before removal.

SOLIDS: In order to clean something solid that cannot easily be picked up and thrown out, break it up and then vacuum it.

DIRTY CARPETS: If regular use renders your carpet generally dirty, it may be time to call a professional to give the entire thing a thorough cleaning.


Because professionals have more powerful equipment, this is typically a job for them. The issue with the average affordable home cleaning device is that they aren’t powerful enough to adequately rinse out all of the remaining soap and moisture. This can cause your carpets to ultimately accumulate more dirt and grow more mildew in the long run.

If you do decide to take this on yourself, remember that the more power, the better, and not to skimp on equipment. Make sure that the carpet cleaner you buy or rent can suck up excess soap and water. Additionally, it is important not to clean your carpets too frequently. If it is excessively cleaned, your carpet will lose its resistance to stains and its fibers can break down.