Maintaining your ceramic and porcelain tile is generally an easy process. Their smooth surface enables dirt and debris to be easily swept away. Ceramic and porcelain are excellent at stain resistance, so that should rarely be an issue.

They are also very durable and are able to withstand a lot of punishment. Here are some quick tips to help you care for your tile floors. Treated correctly, they will last a lifetime.


Keeping mats at all entrances will help keep dirt and grime off of any type of flooring. Keeping rugs or mats at highly trafficked areas prevents excessive wear to your floors. To prevent scraping, dents, or rust stains from any heavy or metal furniture, protective pads should be used.

If your floors acquire excessive grout stains, use the grout cleaner recommended by your manufacturer. This should remove any stains and make your floors look new again.


You should sweep your floors regularly to prevent build up from dirt and debris. Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines when using cleaners to avoid accidentally voiding your warranty. You can use a mop damp with water to clean the ceramic.

If something strong is needed, use the cleaner approved by the manufacturer and rinse the floor with warm water to finish. You should use a mild detergent solution if you are unable to locate the manufacturer’s recommendations. Harsh acidic or alkaline-based cleaners should be avoided. Ceramic and porcelain require different cleaners than other tile floors, so it is important that you purchase the correct type.

Never use anything abrasive, like steel wool, to clean ceramic, as this can remove the finish and leave permanent scratches. If you can’t make the grout look like new with a cleaner, you can use grout stains that make it appear more like the original color. Spills should be wiped up as quickly as possible to prevent staining.