Here you will find everything that you need to know about keeping your cork flooring looking its best. Cork is naturally one of the most stable and durable flooring choices available. By taking proper care of your cork flooring, you can make sure that it lasts for many years.
Make sure to get a manual or user’s guide when you buy or have your flooring installed. It is likely that the manufacturer may have some specific instructions about how to clean it or which cleaners to use. This information can be helpful, and by following the manufacturer’s guidelines you can be sure not to void your warranty.


Concrete subfloors mean the chance of increased moisture levels. To combat this, make sure to seal off the concrete or install a moisture barrier. Before placing heavy furniture on your cork flooring, place felt floor protectors on the legs or corners to prevent dents or scratches. You should also avoid dragging furniture across the surface of the turkey. If possible, it is best to pick up your furniture when moving it.

Using floor mats at every entrance of your home is one of the best ways to prevent excess dirt from getting tracked onto your floors. Never use rubber-backed mats because these can stain, scratch and trap moisture on your floors. Block direct sunlight from shining on your cork floors, as this can cause excess fading. If your home gets a lot amount of natural light, there will be some fading, so make sure to rearrange your furniture and rugs periodically so that your floor will fade evenly. Placing area rugs in spaces that get a lot of foot traffic will help to slow wear and tear.

Any areas that are prone to getting wet, such as the area in front of kitchen sinks, should have mats down to protect your floors from moisture. If you live in a place that frequently experiences extreme shifts in weather or temperature, invest in a humidifier that in order to keep the room’s humidity moderated. This will help prevent warping, swelling and buckling.


Regular vacuuming or sweeping is your first line of defense when it comes to the upkeep of your cork flooring. Around once a month, use a damp mop with a very mild detergent or soap. Be sure to follow the manufacturer guidelines when it comes to cleaning your floors so as not to void your warranty. Never use harsh cleaning agents such as ammonia or bleach.

Also, refrain from using abrasive scrubbers or cleaners. Liquid spills should be cleaned as soon as they happen. Look for cleaners that are specifically produced for use on cork flooring.